About Lever

Archimedes claimed he could move the world, given a place to stand. This study will investigate one stand liberal arts colleges might take to advance knowledge. It begins with an assumption: scholarship matters, and is most beneficial when shared.

Liberal arts colleges have a role to play in the advancement of knowledge. This project explores whether libraries collectively could launch a sustainable Open Access press to provide scholars editorial attention worthy of their best work in whatever form this might take – and offer it to the world. We will share our findings as the research progresses. In the end, will we establish such a press? It is an open question.

Why Lever?

We’ve called this initiative Lever. A lever amplifies an input force to provide greater output force. This is exactly what this project is designed to do. By focusing our energies as a collection of institutions, we are better able to bring about positive change. Lever will help us assess the best way to support authors and readers in producing and accessing high quality content. Together we have a stronger voice and greater influence – how we choose to exert that influence remains to be seen. It may be through launching a new and innovative publishing venture, or through supporting others in doing this, or through re-thinking our collection practices. Lever will help us determine the best way forward.


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