Update: June 2015

We are making considerable progress in our plans for the Lever Press. We have formed a partnership with Amherst College Press and Michigan Publishing. The Oberlin Group Task Force on Scholarly Publishing is working with these two organizations to craft a proposal that we will be sharing this summer.

The proposal will include:

  • editorial plan: We will propose a process for establishing the initial editorial focus for the Lever Press. This process will provide an opportunity for faculty on our campuses to participate in the creation of monograph series that will feature materials broadly of interest to our campuses.
  • governance plans: We are creating governance documents for both the editorial program and overall planning and oversight of the press. This too will provide an opportunity for interested librarians and faculty to play a role in shaping the direction of the press going forward.
  • business plan: a five year financial plan that will allow the press to establish and sustain itself.

The Lever Press will not all by itself change the face of scholarly communication, but we are increasingly convinced that it represents an excellent opportunity for us to collectively intervene to help transform this system, and to provide a platform for innovation in the liberal arts.


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