Phase 2 Commences

Following the production of the report at the end of Phase One, The Oberlin Group reviewed the options presented to help achieve the vision of the project:

a) To accelerate Open Access publishing in the liberal arts and re-imagine the monograph format;

b) To make innovative use of new technologies throughout the publishing process.

It was agreed to extend the project into a second phase with the aim of developing a business plan to launch a new publishing venture in 2015. As part of this phase we are currently reaching out to a range of potential partners to discuss how this might work.

This second phase of the Lever Initiative is due for completion at the end of 2014, at which point we will have fully investigated the logistics of establishing a new publishing venture and selected a potential partner or partners to support is in this.

We’re excited to be continuing on this journey and welcome all and any ideas on how we can build a strong and progressive proposal for a more open and innovative way of publishing scholarship in the liberal arts.images


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